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News & Articles: Life & Health

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You CAN Lose the Ability to Buy Life Insurance


Why You Should Buy Your Child A Life Insurance Policy TODAY!

Life Insurance Underwriting Classes Explained

Long Term Care Coverage Seems Like An Expensive Hassle To Many People-Until They Need It
The ultimate consequence for not having it is is entering into poverty.

5 Things You SHOULD Know About Long Term Care Insurance 

Why You Should Consider A Long Term Care Policy NOW
There are benefits to purchasing long term care insurance while you are still young.

Do You Really Need a Long-Term Care Plan?
Does long-term care insurance make sense for you?

Costs of Long Term Care Can Sap Your Life Savings
Many older Americans see their life savings being swallowed up by long term care costs.


Health Care Reform Legislation
This is a summary of the Health Care Reform Legislation passed March 2010.


Who'll Look After You?
The long-term care crisis is upon us. The government is already having trouble paying the cost of long-term care for the indigent elderly.


Retirement Planning 2008: Protection for The Rest of Your Family's Life
Major insurers now offer more affordable long-term care policies.


Parents' Needs Press Baby Boomers
Caring for aging mom, dad can put a dent in money saved for retirement.


Promises, Promises
Better check the fine print when signing up for a Medicare plan.


Pursuing Peace of Mind
Long-term care insurance provides security for a rainy day. But can you afford it?

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