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Beware of Winter Driving Hazards
Over 500,000 automobile accidents occur in the United States each year due to snow, ice and and sleet. (2015)


Parents, This is the Easiest Way to Double Your Car Insurance Rates
Adding a teenage driver to your auto insurance can add hundreds of dollars to your premium. (June 2015)


Shun Those Cell Phones While Driving
Cell phones are considered one of the leading driver distractions. As a result, more and more communities are placing restrictions on drivers' use of cell phones. (October 2011)


Reduce Your Exposure to Mold Losses
Mold claim costs have increased dramatically over the years. According to Insurance Information Institute, the typical mold claim costs between $15,000 and $30,000, compared to only $3,000 to $4,000 for an average homeowners claim. (September 2011)


Don't Become An Auto Theft Victim
Every 30 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States. Here are some helpful tips to prevent becoming a victim of car theft. (August 2011)


Trends Impacting Liability Risk for the Affluent
The personal liability risks faced by high-net-worth individuals and families are growing more and more complex. Unfortunately, most wealthy U.S. consumers do not carry adequate coverage limits to protect their hard-earned assets. (June 2011)


Traveling This Summer? Plan Ahead With Travel Insurance!
Before you book your summer vacation, consider travel insurance to protect your trip investment if you need to cancel, to cover lost baggage and much more. (June 2011)


Hurricane Season Runs from June to November - Did You Purchase Travel Insurance Yet?
It's a wise decision to cover your vacation investment by purchasing a travel insurance and assistance plan, particularly when traveling during hurricane season. (June 2011)


Make Certain Your Antiques Are Properly Insured
Many Americans own valuable antiques, which are often inadequately insured under a standard homeowners policy. (May 2011)


Don't Blog Yourself into a Lawsuit
Blogs and postings of negative nature (even if they are true) can result in unpleasant and costly lawsuits against the author. (December 2010)


Monitor Your Teen's Driving
Automobile accidents are easily the leading cause of death for teenagers across America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For both genders, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 have the highest average annual crash and traffic violation rates of any other age group. (November 2010)


Flood Insurance: What is it and how do I get it?
You may be tempted to take a big chance and go without flood coverage. Considering that its cost can be less than $200 annually, you will be doubly disappointed if you have an uninsured loss. (November 2010)


Shopping for Insurance: Why Price Isn't Everything
Too often consumers view the purchase of insurance as buying a commodity. Failure to be aware that part of what you are paying for is the expert advice of an experienced and professional insurance advisor can result in you not having coverage when claim time arrives. (November 2010)


Safe Practices for Water Sports
Helpful safety tips for water sports enthusiasts. (November 2010)


Safety Tip: Purchase and Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers
Start your New Year's Resolution early. Be safe and prepared this holiday season. Decorating with candles and lights is beautiful but warrants some care and protection. (November 2010)


Stump Online Password Hacking Programs with Three Little Words
Automated [hacking] programs can handle around 100 sign-in requests per second. This means a simple word like sun could be hacked using the brute-force or common-word attack in less than three minutes. However, if your password includes two common words, hacking time increases to two months. Add a third word and the time increases exponentially to more than 2,000 years. (October 2010)


Insurance Department Offers Severe Weather Insurance Tips
Reviewing your coverage is a smart first step in preparing for the storm season. Read more from the Ohio Department of Insurance about advance planning and action steps to follow when storms cause property damage. (September 2010)


Bed Bugs, Though Lurking Under Your Covers, Are Not Covered
Bed bug infestations have increased at an alarming rate the past few years but are usually not covered under your homeowners' insurance policy. (September 2010)


Protect Your Landscape Investment
One of the more common complaints heard from insureds after a major property loss is a lack of homeowners coverage for valuable trees and landscaping. Most homeowners policies provide only limited coverage for this loss exposure - usually 5 percent of the dwelling limit subject to a maximum of $500 per tree or shrub. (September 2010)


Insurance Dept. Recommends Reviewing Insurance Coverage on Summer Fun Items
It is recommended that you check your insurance coverage on summer fun items such as boats, motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, swimming pools, and trampolines. (June 2009)


Health Care Reform Legislation
This is a summary of the Health Care Reform Legislation passed March 2010. (April 2010)


IOCO Guest Blogs About Insuring Fine Art for
Learn why you should insure your art and how simple the process is. (October 2009)


Reduce Your Exposure to Wildfires
Helpful tips to reduce your chances of a wildfire in your area. (September 2009)


'My Fair Lady' of Means
Wealth preservation and risk management views are much different between affluent women and men. (April 2009)


Take (Long-Term) Care
Don't overlook this essential part of retirement planning. (May 2008)


High-Net Worth Clients In An Insurance World All Their Own
Most high-net worth people don't realize they are high-net worth and can benefit from a high-net worth insurance solution. (March 2007)


Survey Reveals Homeowners Mistakenly Think They Are Covered
Thirty-three percent of U.S. homeowners with homeowners insurance incorrectly believe flood damages would be covered by a standard homeowners or property and liability policy, despite extensive media coverage on Hurricane Katrina victims whose claims were denied because they lacked flood insurance.


When You Talk Trusts, Don't Forget About Insurance
Insurance protection may be helpful when transferring assets to children, relatives, and other beneficiaries.


Students Should Take Time to Understand Health Coverage Options
College students and their families should consider carefully the most suitable health coverage for their needs as they would find a computer or stereo. This effort might prevent students and their families from suffering a huge financial loss due to injury or illness that could ultimately ruin their financial well being.


Traveling North or South of the Border?
You must have auto insurance coverage written by a Mexican agency when traveling to Mexico.

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