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News & Articles: Professional Liability

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Stump Online Password Hacking Programs with Three Little Words (We liked this so much, we reposted it.)

Automated [hacking] programs can handle around 100 sign-in requests per second. This means a simple word like sun could be hacked using the brute-force or common-word attack in less than three minutes. However, if your password includes two common words, hacking time increases to two months. Add a third word and the time increases exponentially to more than 2,000 years.

1 in 4 Businesses Has Experienced Cyber Event

The True Cost of a Ransomware Attack
Ransomware attacks are very costly. Cyber insurance will help protect you during costly attacks.


What Is Cyber Insurance and Why You Need It
Cyber insurance can help protect your business financially should a significant cyber secuirty event occur.


Healthcare Leads Data Breaches in 2015, Human Error Still Leading Cause, Report Says
The healthcare industry saw the largest number of data security incidents in 2015.


Medicity Selected as Vendor for Ohio's Health Information Exchange
Ohio will soon have a health information exchange where physicians and hospitals can securely share patient information with one another across the state.


Cyber Liability Insurance: Critical Protection for Your Practice
Most medical practices have some kind of network, database, or online presence that puts them at risk for litigation. However, most medical professional liability policies do not provide coverage to assist your practice financially should a cyber liability issue arise.


Carriers and the State of Ohio
Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Carriers. Should you place your reputation with an alternative carrier? First you should understand what differentiates the alternative market from admitted insurers.


Malpractice: The Scary Truth About Tail Coverage
Are you cancelling your claims-made policy? Currently, tail coverage costs 150 to 200 percent of the price of a mature claims-made policy. How much you'll pay will depend on where you practice and on your medical specialty.

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