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Personal Insurance Review

At IOCO, we often find that over time, people's assets outpace their insurance coverage.


We welcome the opportunity to review your current insurance coverage and offer recommendations to ensure you are properly protected, providing you with solutions that offer broader protection at the same or lower cost.  Or we can merely reaffirm the adequacy of your existing coverage.


Moreover, you might be interested in being informed about coverages that are available.  

Consider this:

  • Does your homeowner policy provide for guaranteed replacement cost, even if replacement cost exceeds the declared value? 

  • Do you know what your current coverage limitations are with respect to back-up of sewer and drains?  Our preferred solutions provide for unlimited coverage, up to the policy limit. 

  • Has your excess liability coverage kept pace in protecting the total value of all of your assets?

  • Are you required to obtain appraisals or receipts in order to schedule valuable articles?

  • Does your carrier provide a free replacement cost appraisal of your home so that in the event of a loss, you won’t suddenly find yourself underinsured?

  • If your high-value automobile is substantially damaged in the early years of ownership, does your carrier replace it with a current year make and model similarly equipped?

  • Is your contents coverage appropriate?

  • Do you have adequate Excess Liability?


Our existing clients find our reviews incredibly helpful and educational. 


If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact us for a complimentary insurance review.


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